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Brand Story - Manish Jewels
Brand Story - Manish Jewels
Our story

Founded in 1981, Manish is a Dubai-based customer-centric jewelry company that specializes in ethical and certified diamonds. The brand associates with fine jewelry and constantly endeavors to keep up with trends all around the world.

Manish has always aimed to create unique jewelry pieces that are inherently and visually pleasing. The social, economic, and environmental responsibilities are recognised and have been an essential part since the birth of the company. These responsibilities are demonstrated through the company’s policies and actions.

Manish’s late grandfather and late father, Vrajlal Dhanak, were goldsmiths in Gujarat, India. They also had a background in philanthropy and filmmaking.

Vrajlal Dhanak was known for his work as a social worker, businessman, filmmaker, and goldsmith. He is still respected by and looked up to by the people in his hometown and neighboring towns.

As a young child, Manish roamed his hometown learning the craftmanship. He grew up around people who had deep knowledge about several industries especially the gold jewelry industry.

“I remember learning about the ins and outs of this industry whenever I had time after school at the workshop in my hometown. I was a little boy and didn’t have the patience to sit and observe what was happening at the time but my father, he always told me, “Whatever happens in life, you need patience. Patience to listen, patience to observe, with patience you can conquer.” This stuck with me ever since. I moulded this to my convenience with different situations throughout life and it really helped me overcome what I thought would be impossible to overcome. I have him to thank.” 

At the age of 14, Manish started working at the local cinema his father owned. During his time working at the cinema, he learned managerial and the importance of customer service which translates into how Manish is run today. 

“I think that period of time working at the cinema was needed for me to develop skills that I still use today. It’s really important to know how to manage and look after the people that you work with.”

“I have three bright and beautiful daughters. I always tell them that hard work, dedication, and people skills will take you places you’ve always dreamed about because it’s what got me where I am today.”

In 1956, Manish’s grandfather and father decided to come to Dubai in the hopes of exploring and expanding the gold jewelry market in the Middle East. Their first store was in Gold Souq. 

At the age of 16, Manish decided to join the family business in Dubai. He envisaged of branching out and reaching new heights. 

In 1981, the company was born with stores mainly located at the Gold Souq. Eventually, Manish moved his stores and offices to the Gold and Diamond Park which is where they are currently located. 

Our generations worth of expertise and perfectionism is now brought into the online world for our customers all around the globe. 

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