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Bespoke Crafted Diamond Jewelry - Manish Jewels
Bespoke Crafted Diamond Jewelry - Manish Jewels

The Designers

Manish Jewels are known for its know-how and expertise in craftsmanship with the use of modern technologies. Our resolute team of designers belonging to a diverse artistic background, creating the primary 2D sketches and drawings to precision, from custom pieces to pieces from our very own collection.

Our CAD designers work towards bringing these 2D sketches to animation by providing a final 3D model of our jewellery for casting the 18K base of the design. Our artisans work on this base at their wooden bench, bringing the piece slowly to life with the settling of diamonds and precious stones. Then, the thorough manual cleaning and the polishing bring the final sparkling effect.

The Artisans

The spine of our brand are highly skilled craftsmen that create the magic- from die cuts to metal cuts, setting, and polishing, they handcraft each piece to excellence. Our artistic enforcement is constantly engaged in a sustainable working environment, well-compensated and cherished, to ensure our highest standards are always met. Their happiness and well-being are mirrored in our jewellery as an abundance of love and care goes into the crafting.


As diamond manufacturers and merchants, we put in all our efforts to give you the best value possible. All our colour stones and diamonds are obtained from associates who have adapted green and ethical practices, like Manish. We pay close attention to such details, down to the compounds and alloys used in our jewellery to deliver you the finest pieces at fair prices and ethically sourced jewellery.

Machinery and Tools

We are constantly investing and upgrading our tech and equipment to help ensure that good quality products are being delivered. Our machines are imported from European countries such as Italy and Germany. 


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