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Jewellery Care - Manish Jewels
Jewellery Care - Manish Jewels

While all our jewellery products are made from solid 18K Gold and precious gem   stones, they still require a little love and care. 

 For your diamonds- cleaning your jewellery at home is easy and should be done once a month to keep your diamond sparkling. To clean a stone or diamond jewellery, Manish suggests using dish soap and a soft toothbrush under warm water to eliminate dirt without harming the jewellery. If your jewellery has been scratched, only professional jewelers can fix it.

  • For your pearls- gently wipe with a soft, clean cloth after use. Do not apply ultrasonic, steam, detergent, or any kind of soap to clean your pearls.
  • For your gemstones- most gemstone jewellery is cleaned similar to the way you clean your diamond jewellery. Emeralds and Tanzanites are soft stones, so care must be taken while wearing them and cleaning them as well. For Opal, use a microfiber cloth and attempt to avoid contact with water. For all other gemstones, the uniform process of diamond jewellery is advisable.

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